Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh cool!

I spent $130 on city moving permits and had to display the cardboard signs for 72 hours, so I put them up tonight to fulfill the notice requirement. Taped, tied, and in permanent marker.

Now there’s a torrential downpour.



I just wanna s*** some d***


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moving to a bigger, nicer space

And having to fill said bigger, nicer space with grown-up stuff (meaning: no more particle board) = me saying no to all plans that would require spending money for the foreseeable future

Friday, July 25, 2014

My day

- pretty overwhelmed at work
- overwhelmed at home with a million boxes and still stuff to pack
- ate a hot dog roll with butter on it for dinner, that’s where we are at now

Thursday, July 24, 2014
The annoyed face of someone who has been living in a sea of multiplying cardboard boxes for over a week

The annoyed face of someone who has been living in a sea of multiplying cardboard boxes for over a week

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Us Weekly is getting carried away with the exclamatory article titles

Us Weekly is getting carried away with the exclamatory article titles

Pretty much the LAST thing on my pre-moving punchlist is to set up the transfer of my cable for next week (I KNOW, Comcast/Xfinity/Whatever they’re calling themselves today is the absolute worst) from the old place to the new place.

I cannot get it up for calling them.  Like, at all.

It’d be one thing if I was just fully transferring my services.  I think they’d be on board with that.  But I want to transfer AND downgrade them.  I don’t need all the movie channels anymore - I can use my parents’ account for HBO and Showtime and Netflix on Chromecast - I’d like the basics because I like to watch my trash TV live and I don’t have any other vices aside from that, so let your girl live.  I want to get rid of that fucking triple play nonsense they swindled me into back in October - it is not a money saver at all and I don’t want it anymore and I have never used that landline nor have I ever even hooked up a phone to said landline that I throw money at every month but which does not exist.  I still want internet and I want it to be fast enough to stream things.  I know what I want, I’ve priced what the services should be, and I want them to give them to me.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.  There isn’t much worse than talking to the Comcast customer “service” department (see: my most recent attempt to lower my Comcast bill, see also: Ryan Block’s recent newsworthy Comcast “help” sesh when he tried to cancel). 

My experiences with Comcast have been that I never get what I want, I can never get a hold of someone who knows what they’re doing, and I walk away unsatisfied.  The cable and internet themselves are decent enough - it’s just the dealing with Comcast customer service reps that provide terrible customer service which kills me.

My plan (if I can motivate myself to call them in the next few days, knowing that it will be a 1-2 hour conversation/one-sided plea) is to call them and be like, I am 100% ready to cancel unless you give me X and Y and let me get rid of Z and A.  (I don’t really WANT to cancel, but I will if they won’t let me downgrade my services, because that’s bullshit.  Give people what they want.  As if they don’t already make several billion dollars a year off of all of us suckers.)

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with Comcast?  I don’t think I’ve ever had a successful conversation with them so I must be doing something wrong.  Have any of you ever beat them at their own game? Teach me your ways.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Was just thinking how in 9th grade home room, as a new kid who went to a different school than the others who’d all basically gone to school together their whole lives, I made friends with a “cool” girl who sat near me. She invited me to her birthday party, and I thought I was being hilarious by putting $15 one dollar bills (come on, I was broke and that was my hard earned chore money) in the very bottom of a gift bag, covered with tissue paper and a sheet of self-stick laminating paper, so she’d open it and see the laminating paper and be disappointed until she got to the money, at which point, in my imagination, she’d be ecstatic to have a little extra cash in her life. But then…she didn’t open presents while I was there and I had to go home (being 14 and at the mercy of my parents and their early bedtimes).

The next week at school, she didn’t thank me or even talk to me, which seemed odd, as I thought we were developing quite the home room bond. I eventually asked her if she liked my gift, and she was like, “I threw it away.” I was taken aback: “The money?!!?” And she was really confused.

Turns out she fell for the fakeout present of the laminating paper and thought I was just a really shitty gift giver and angrily threw the bag away. With my $15 inside.

We were never really friends after that but she turned out to be not very interesting anyway so it all ended well.

So, I have a job interview tomorrow.  In addition to the normal interview questions, I’m pretty sure they’re going to ask me salary requirements, but I really don’t have a set number to go off of for the position I’ll be interviewing for, I just know I’m currently (way) underpaid for the job I do right now and I want to make more money.  I did get on some of those websites and check out what the going rate is for this job, but I don’t really trust those websites (seriously, who gets on Glassdoor and reports their salary?).  

Is it obscene to just make up a number that I’d be happy with that I find reasonable?  

(I ask because back when I was interviewing when I got out of school, I was basically happy to get paid, period, so any number over zero dollars sounded great.)

THIS is a niche of law that I could get on board with.  Lots of “legal research” required.

THIS is a niche of law that I could get on board with.  Lots of “legal research” required.

I’m waking up today with a determination to get.shit.done.  I need to turn in a few projects at work and I have to leave early today to tend to a few future house matters, so I got up when it was still dark out in order to accomplish the work things.

Last night, I was struggling with some life stuff.  Today I push that aside and focus on the tasks at hand without letting emotions into the picture.  Focus on the present.  Get through today.  Get.shit.done. at work.  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel of stress and at the end of said tunnel (the 30th), there’s a brand new, freshly delivered mattress waiting for me in a new house, ready to be broken in with some first-class sleeps.

For the past several years, there was a person in my life who was a constant.  Someone I cared about a lot, who seemed to care about me.  But something changed.  A switch was flipped.  My heart was broken.  Since we live on opposite coasts, I’ve been doing my best to let him have his distance.  But it’s been…painful.  

It’s depressing when you know that person that you still want to spend time with is spending time with someone else and who knows - may be in love with someone else already.  It’s hard to remind yourself that you shouldn’t be thinking about someone who almost certainly never thinks of you.  It’s saddening to think that you might never see that person again when you were so close to them for years and actually thought of them as your best friend and most trusted confidant.  It’s bittersweet to have great memories with someone and know that there could’ve -  would’ve - been more, but there aren’t going to be any more chances to create more memories together.  It’s awful to feel like you were kept in the wings for years for no reason other than for someone else’s use and subsequent unceremonious disposal.  And then there’s that terrible feeling of simultaneously hating someone for no other reason than that you still love them.

Monday, July 21, 2014
The face that I get when I ask if she’s hungry

The face that I get when I ask if she’s hungry